Award winning filmmaker Nakia Hamilton
wasn't always a filmmaker. He started as a musician at
age 7 and by college he was performing for artist such
as Outkast, Wu-Tang, Nas, Lil Kim and more. In 2007 he
gave his life to Christ and changed his whole world. The
one consistent thing in his life since his childhood he put
it aside, music. He told GOD that he is dropping his most
desirable passion in his life and wants to pursue the
calling he has for him. To make a long story short 8
months later he was producing a TV show on public
access called "The Crazy Redd Show" where he met his
now business partner  Jay James. A few year later the
award winning alliance was formed "Luv Life
Entertainment". Luv Life produces films that are
inspiring, encouraging and hilarious. Even though Luv
Life Entertainment members are Christians they're goal
is to produce films that are for everyone without
denning GOD.